Your love will become your legacy, and that deserves to be captured.

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I'm so stinking excited you're here! My favorite thing about filming weddings is getting to know my couples! At the end of the day - I care about you and your love story. What sets my films apart is my ability to tell the story of YOUR love, not just your average Hallmark story wedding film.

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- Desiree + Trey

"Absolutely loved working with megan! she was very professional and organized and is an amazing person. would recommend her to everyone!"


I am extremely passionate about making sure you spend your big day with someone you know and are comfortable around.
After all - chances are we will spend just as much time together on your wedding day (if not more) than you and your spouse will!
By having multiple meetings throughout your planning process, we are able to get to know each other and build a friendship! 

you want to feel like you're spending your wedding day with a friend - not a stranger.

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Your wedding day comes and goes quickly, and often times in the moment we forget just how special the memories of the day will become. I care so deeply about making sure those memories are preserved not only for you and your partner, but for any and all generations that will come after you. Whether it be children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. 

you want a wedding film to share for generations to come

I know what you're thinking... Megan isn't this a given!? In my experience... not necessarily. 
My goal is always to make sure that my films feel true to the day that my couple had. Maybe your day was full of light-heartedness and spending the day giggling. Or maybe, there were lots of happy tears and big emotions. However your day pans out, I truly give my all to make sure your film reflects the honest emotions and events of the day through song choice, selection of clips, and making sure to preserve the true colors!

you want a wedding film that looks & feels exactly like your big day



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